Three reasons why you should work with The Blockchain Agency

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two — and only two — basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.

- Peter Drucker

If what Drucker states is true, and you’re a brilliant founder, then you likely know where this blog is going. Our thesis is that we’ve helped the world’s most valuable brands; we can help your business, too.

It’s easy enough to tout your bona fides in the marketing world; it’s another thing to actually have the chops to back them up.

So I’m going to give you three reasons why you should consider working with The Blockchain Agency.

Reason #1: Our work with brands like Google and Uber (and Hollywood)

The Blockchain Agency brings big brand experience and expertise to the blockchain. Whether it’s a five-word tagline or a 500-page website, good marketing comes down to good storytelling.

I started my career writing taglines for movies like Saving Private Ryan. More recently, I was the lead agency writer on the Google account from 2012 thru 2017, leading creative and copywriting across Google Ads for arguably the world’s most valuable brand. Among many efforts, I led the creative and copywriting for the 2017 refresh of YouTube Advertising. In 2017, I quit the agency to go freelance. Uber became an early client where I was initially hired as a copywriter for Uber for Business. That freelance engagement led to the creation of LMNO STUDIOS, an agency I founded with two of my Google colleagues. After refreshing Uber for Business, our clients included Adobe, Microsoft, Samsung, and a bevy of blockchain clients.

Everyone on the core team at The Blockchain Agency has a story like mine. It’s a talented group that includes John Parsons and Paul Huber of Miller Huber and Firewood — now, the strategy and creative leads for The Blockchain Agency. Owen Troy as Head of Design, touts leadership experience at Anita Borg, Clover, and Speck. Our Head of Motion/Interaction is Brian Ziffer, whose work with Honda and Disney speaks volumes. Because startups need press, Head of PR Dani DelaOsa knows how to earn coverage at the best news organizations in the world. Keeping everything rolling is our Head of Accounts, the inimitable Brigitte Gwin. It’s quite a team.

Reason #2: Our work with blockchain brands like Status, the Web3 messenger

Over the past two years, I’ve been deeply involved in helping ventures in the blockchain space. Early this year, I worked with the founder of Micai, a Beijing-based venture, to rebrand the company as Bankorus and define their narrative, building deep expertise and thoughtful content about the private wealth market in China. Since launching The Blockchain Agency in July, our team has developed extensive brand, creative, and PR programs for blockchain-based StatusAdrealmArcana, Translo, and others. We’ve introduced Status Incubate, the Ethereum incubator. Very recently, we helped refresh the whitepaper for Quanta, a promising digital asset exchange.

Reason #3: You want to #HODL your story

We’ve been brand stewards for the most valuable, carefully curated brands in the world. We can help tell your story, whether you need to connect with and inspire Solidity developers, HODLers, or your grandmother. Our superpower? It’s aligning your business strategy with your marketing efforts and expressing it with the clarity and power that few can achieve. If you want to truly stand out from the crowd, you need to own your story, tell it well, and tell it often.

Why we believe the blockchain is transformative

Engineers strike two rocks together, always looking to make a better spark. Marketers carry the fire. While most mainstream marketers have been slow to jump in, we deeply respect the blockchain innovators and practitioners in software development, systems architecture, scientists of the base-layer protocols searching for solutions to the trilemma.

We’ve observed our product-side counterparts — at blockchain Meetups and conferences, both as clients and potential clients — describe with great passion their vision of the coming blockchain era. We’re seeing very traditional organizations like IBM devote 1,000+ talented people to blockchain development. We’re partnering with ex-Googlers with expertise running massive distributed databases and xB tx/s networks. So, we understand that knee-jerk doubts about the long-term value of this technology are only held by people who don’t (yet) have the technical understanding or vision to have a legit crystal ball about the future.

Work with us

Our mission is to create and propagate the narratives connecting amazing protocol, infrastructure, DApps, and every other legitimate application of the blockchain. Today, we are bringing our clients’ stories to visionaries and early adopters.

But very soon — perhaps by early next year — we believe our clients will be targeting the early mainstream. Soon, the story of the blockchain will be a mainstream story. Will you be part of that story?

Are you ready?

Jesse Ratner